Policies of American Legion Post 331

Funeral Dinners

House Rules

Canteen Committee Functions

Canteen use during Legion Meeting

Contribution and Expenditures

Hall Rental

Rental Fee Policy

Children in the Post

Membership Initiative

Proper Attire in Kitchen Areas

Holiday Closing



The Executive Committee of American Legion Post 331

March 1, 2016



o Only a member of the American Legion Post 331

o Others may be approved by the Executive Committee

o The American Legion will pay the cost of the funeral dinner

o Member of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 331

o The Unit will Pay the cost of the funeral dinner

o Member of American Legion SAL Squadron 331

o The Squadron will pay the cost of the funeral dinner

o If the member is a member of more than one of the above the cost of the funeral dinner will be shared between the groups

o Each group is responsible for providing the rules for funeral dinners for the families of their own members. Each group will be responsible for the cost of the funeral dinner

When possible a two (2) day advance is requested


House Rules of American Legion Post 331

 Only Members in good standing will be allowed the privileges of the Post

 Members are responsible for any guests that sign in

 Members shall be responsible for any minors they bring as guests

 The canteen shall close no later than 3:00 AM (鏑AST CALL means Last call)

 There shall be no carry-out of alcoholic beverages

 There shall be no carry-in of alcoholic beverages

 There shall be NO firearms allowed in the canteen at any time

 The BARTENDER is the final authority on the following

o Refusal of service to any member or guest

o Enforcement of all Post and ATC rules

o Checking of membership cards, refusal to show card means no service

o Signing in of guest and monitoring of sales

o Only authorized personnel (Canteen Manager, Bartenders) will be allowed behind bar (This applies to everyone)

o The Post shall not be responsible for items left on premises.

o Member must remain at Post as long as they have a guest present

o If the member leaves the guest must also leave

o All persons must conduct themselves in a proper manner (not doing so, see below)

The Canteen Committee has the authority to suspend canteen privileges of anyone who does not comply with the rules


Canteen Committee functions of American Legion Post 331

Article VI Section 18 of the Post By-Laws cover the functions of the Canteen Committee

The commander shall appoint a Canteen Committee, to consist of three (3) or more, and one (1) Executive Committee member. This committee shall have the responsibility of operating the area of the post declared the Canteen Area, policing the Canteen Area and also maintaining the conduct of the members and guests while in the Canteen Area. Failure of members or guests to abide by Canteen rules will result in action by the Canteen Committee against the members or guests right to be in the canteen for periods of time of one (1) month to permanent removal of canteen privileges. This committee shall make a written report to the Executive Committee, which in turn shall read same report to the membership at the second regular scheduled meeting of each month. Any said members of this committee may be replaced by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee. The Canteen Committee will make available, by posting, the rules of conduct for the Canteen Area.

The Executive Committee of American Legion Post 331


Policy on Canteen use during a 鏑egion Meeting

 No alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages will be sold to any member of American Legion Post 331 while any membership meeting is being held

All members of American Legion Post 331 will be asked to either attend the membership meeting or leave the canteen area while the meeting is in progress


The Executive Committee of American Legion Post 331


Contribution and Expenditure Policy of American Legion Post 331

 No contributions are to be made to individuals except in case of illness or hospitalization

 Donations of $500 may be approved by the membership in a regular meeting. Donations over $500 must be approved at two (2) successive regular membership meetings (By-Laws Article IX)

 Trustees may spend up to $500 per calendar month for incidental repair of post equipment and facilities (By-Laws Article IV Section 9)

 Executive Committee may authorize or approve expenditures of up to $1,500 (By-Laws Article III Section 2)

 The Finance Committee shall review all major expense(s), Greater than $2,500, before approval of the Executive Committee or membership and report their findings

 The following types of expenditures are covered by this policy

o Regular utility bill, insurance, CPA fees, approved monthly expenses, license fees, these are covered by By-Laws Article IV Section 4 and paid by Finance Officer

o Special items that have not been budgeted or approved but require approval by the Executive Committee

o Emergency immediate repairs that are necessary to remain open. Executive Committee should be called but officers in attendance may make approval and present to Executive Committee



Policy on Hall Rental for American Legion Post 331

 American Legion Post 331 has two facilities available for rental

o Veteran Hall

o Memorial Hall

o Reservations are required for rental

o Rental is on a first come first renter basis

o There is a fee structure for renting the facilities

o Fee structure is set by the Executive Committee with input from the Canteen Manager

o Providing 擢ree use of any facility requires the approval of the Membership (By-laws Article IX)

o The Canteen Manager will furnish to the Executive Committee the following;

o Recommended fee structure by facility

 Deposits, what type, how much, when deposit must be received

 Refund Policy, time limits, amounts

 The Executive Committee will review and approve all changes



Facility Rental Fee Policy

 Memorial Hall Rental Fee: $75 Member, $125 Non Member

o Does not include $25 Cleaning Fee

o For groups no larger than 70

o Veterans Hall Rental Fee: $450 Member, $550 Non Member

o Does not include $50 Cleaning Fee

o For groups no larger than 275

o Veterans Hall (Half) Rental Fee: $250 Member, $300 Non Member

o For groups no larger than 125

o Deposit is One Half of Rental Fee

o Cancellation Policy:

o 60 days or more before event scheduled, One Half of deposit will be returned

o 59 or less days before event schedule, No deposit return

o Equipment Deposit Fees:

o TV remote $100, Lighting remotes $50 each and Microphones $100 each

o ALL food must be paid in full seven (7) days before event scheduled date

o Damage Policy:

o Renter is responsible for all damage to American Legion Post 331 property

A Damage Deposit of $200 is required



American Legion Post 331 is a family oriented Post and we encourage members to bring children to the Post...  To make the experience enjoyable for everyone, it is important that no guest or child of a guest act in a way that interferes with other痴 use and enjoyment of the Post.  Children by their nature do not always understand what is expected of them, From time to time, even if they do understand, it is the nature of childhood that obedience to rules needs to be enforced by the adults responsible for the child.  In addition, the post has a gaming and liquor license. Each of these licenses has mandatory rules that must be obeyed in order to keep the license. Some of those rules relate specifically to minors.  American Legion Post 331 has the following rules for children and the adults who bring them to the post.

 No one under the age of majority (18) will be allowed to pay, handle, buy tickets or anything related to our gaming license at any time. 

 No one under the age of 21 will be allowed past the carpet edge adjacent to the bar. 

 No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to handle, buy or otherwise be allowed to be involved with alcoholic beverages. 

 Adults who bring children into the post are required to remain on the property for as long as the children are present. Unless it is a POST APPROVED event children under 18 must leave the post property prior to 10:00 PM. 

 Adults who bring children into Post buildings are required to place the children at a table and are not to sit at the bar as long as the children are on Post property. That adult will be responsible for supervising the conduct of the children in his /her care. 

 Children who are in the Post building will be required to be seated at the tables, or to remain in the immediate proximity of the table except for the operation of the non-gambling games (e.g. Dart Board) or to obtain food from a buffet or food display.

 Children who are in the Post buildings will not stand at the edge of the carpet in order to converse with or simply be near an adult sitting at the bar. 

 Children in the Post buildings will not run, or engage in boisterous play inside of the Post building. Activities that involve running or boisterous play are limited to the outside area of the Post property. 

 Other than for organized play outside of the Post building or another organized Post function, if a child is outside of the Post on Post property, a supervising adult must be physically present in the area where the child is. In the event of organized play or another organized Post function a child may be left under the supervision of responsible adults assigned by the Post to supervise the organized play or another organized Post function.

Any child who breaks these rules may subject the adults responsible for bringing them to the Post to sanctions, including but not limited to being required to leave the Post property.



Remember that all unattended children will be given a can of Red Bull and a free puppy


Policy on Membership Initiative

American Legion Post 331 may, from time to time, offer a one year membership to active duty and service members within 6 months of separation.

This membership is for one year only and subject to the following:

Service member should be a resident of Hendricks County

The service member must express and interest in membership

The number of complementary membership will be limited to 15 each year


Proper use of the Kitchen Areas

The Canteen Manager has the responsibility for food service safety.

The Canteen Manager and/or Catering staff is required to be 鼎ertified in Food Safety Management by the Indiana State Board of Health.

Volunteer food preparers should be knowledgeable and follow established safe food handling procedures.


A short list of requirements is below:

1.      Proper time/temperature and location storage parameters

2.      Labeling containers with content and storage date

3.      Wash your hands frequently when handling food before it is cooked, or wear gloves

4.      Wear sterile gloves when handling food which will be served uncooked or after cooking.

5.      Wear appropriate hair and beard coverage (nets, caps)

The canteen management will supply gloves and hair nets for your use.


The Executive Committee of American Legion Post 331


American Legion Post 331 Holiday Closing Policy

 American Legion Post 331 will close for the following holidays

o Thanksgiving Day

o Christmas Day

o Easter Sunday


All other holidays will be handled by the Canteen Manger keeping in mind that American Legion Post 331 is here to serve veterans and their families


Policy Covering Gaming Activities for

American Legion Post 331

There are costs and resource requirements associated with Post charity gaming.



Management of assets

The above are all overhead.

Gaming funds are what pays the light bill, gas bill, water, etc. and items such as the insurance for the post

The American Legion from time to time may make a donation to the AUX, SAL or ALR.

For these reasons Post management must oversee all gaming activities

If any unit of the Post decides they want to do a raffle or conduct any gaming activity the following applies:

 Unit should request approval with sufficient advance notice. We have a form for this.

o The form will ask that you describe the nature of the raffle or activity

o Unit will obtain all gaming materials from canteen admin. A record of all gaming materials will be recorded and all materials will be inventoried at the end of the gaming activity

o As soon as the event is finished, funds from all sales will be submitted along with the remaining materials for reconciliation and proper recording on appropriate Event Summary Form

 Gaming funds are NEVER to leave the Post facility

 All items to be raffled (if not donated) must be purchased from the gaming account

All funds must be deposited into the gaming account. NO Exceptions!

The above is for the protection of The American Legion.



American Legion Post 331 Scholarship Policy

The post commander will appoint three to five post members, in good-standing, to serve on the committee for one year. It is the responsibility of the post commander to appoint the scholarship committee each year. The current committee will appoint a chairperson.


The application period for the current scholarship year will be from 1 February through 30 April.


Our scholarship is an academic scholarship administered by American Legion Post 331, 636 East Main Street, Brownsburg, Indiana 46112. One scholarship in the amount of $4000.00 will be donated each calendar year at the rate of $500.00 donated for the two semesters of an academic school year. The recipient of the scholarship must attend an accredited post high school secondary college or university located in Indiana.


The student must be enrolled as a full-time student with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. The scholarship is restricted for use as follows:



Room and Board

Class textbooks

Other college/university required fees.


Prompt delivery of transcripts at the end of an academic year showing the previous two semesters to American Legion Post 331 scholarship committee will ensure renewal of the scholarship for the next academic school year.


Mandatory requirements the applicant must meet are:


Be a child, grandchild (linear descendent), or legally adopted relative of an American Legion Post 331 member in good standing or deceased member who was in good standing at time of death.

Applicant must be a graduate of an Indiana High School.

Application must be submitted to the scholarship committee no later than close of business on 01 May or the next business day in the event the post is closed.


The scholarship committee is responsible for the format of the scholarship application, distribution, selection and notification of the winner. Award of the scholarship gives due consideration to academic excellence as well as high school and community involvement and achievement.


The selected winner must maintain contact during the term of the scholarship; submit transcripts at the end of an academic year; maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA); and maintain full-time student status with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.


In the event the scholarship winner does not remain enrolled in an accredited college or university within the State of Indiana or fails to maintain a 2.0 GPA, the winner forfeits all scholarship rights. If scholarship funds are paid for a semester in which the student drops enrollment, the student will be liable for repayment of the scholarships monies paid to the college or university.


If a blood relative of a current scholarship committee member applies for this scholarship, the member must recue themselves for that particular scholarship year.